Conquer The World

Shape your gym, challenge opponents, climb the rankings, and position yourself as top contender for world championship glory. Compete across all 17 recognised professional weight divisions, from Strawweight to Heavyweight.

From Chump to Champion

Build a world-renowned stable of elite fighters: Recruit the best, dismiss those who don’t make the grade, and carefully nurture talent that needs time to develop. Challenge journeymen to establish a young boxer’s talents, then progress them to harder fights when the time is right to step up. Drag veterans out of retirement for a big comeback, to shock the world.

Styles Make Fights

Exceptional boxing requires thorough preparation: Examine your opponent’s attributes, deduce their fighting style, devise your boxer’s fight plan, and then think or bludgeon your way to victory, watching the bout unfold in real-time. Configure your boxer’s preferred fighting range, mentality, work rate, combination intensity, shot selection and countermeasures.

Go The Distance

No two referees or ringside judges in LEATHER® are the same, each bringing their own tastes and tolerances to a bout. Grapple up close if the referee allows it, clinch-up and spoil to smother big punchers, or if you don’t trust the judges’ scorecards target your opponent’s head to open ugly cuts and end the bout early.

Become The G.O.A.T.

Boxers age and retire, building an ever-evolving game, unique each time. The Hall of Fame becomes populated with hundreds of lineal champions, as title reigns pass from the vanquished to the victor. Pound-for-pound greatness is determined by a boxer’s performance throughout their career; can you be the Greatest Of All Time?

1-4 Player Pass-&-Play Multiplayer

Boxing isn’t a team sport, so build rival gyms, recruit the best promising amateurs and challenge your friends for world championship glory – all from a single device.

Choose Your Platform

LEATHER® contains zero advertising and zero in-game purchases. There is a full premium version, and a free-to-play trial version – restricted to a 1 year managerial career.

LEATHER® is available now for Android and iOS.