Frequently Asked Questions

What weight divisions are included?

All 17 universally recognised professional weight divisions are included, from Strawweight to Heavyweight.

Do I directly control my boxers during fights?

LEATHER® is a tactical boxing management simulation – as the manager your direct involvement ends at the ring ropes; but its your strategic and tactical nous that informs the fight plan your boxer follows each round. Ultimately your judgement determines whether they win or lose.

Can I customise my boxers?

You sure can: you’re free to rename your gym’s boxers, change their nationality and bestow a suitable menacing nickname upon them.

Are real-world boxers included?

LEATHER® contains no real-world boxers; each game has a unique boxing history, simulated for each game, providing a different starting point each time.

How many championship belts per weight division are there?

Just one, there is no alphabet soup of sanctioning bodies in LEATHER®.

I don’t know much about boxing, will I struggle?

Boxing is an intricate sport, but in LEATHER® you’re never on your own; there’s help throughout the game. When fight time comes the stock fight plans will get you up to speed while you’re learning the ropes.

Are there in-app purchases?

Nope: LEATHER® has a free trial version (play 1 year of game time, unrestricted), and a paid full version. Nobody gets milked with pay-to-win promotions, or bombarded with advertisements.